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US: Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (Dem) fakes apology to Republican Meadows for calling him a racist…….


Being a word weasel, she got what she wanted…


Rashida Tlaib feigned a retraction or “correction” while not doing that in any way, shape or form. If Meadows hadn’t reduced himself to a blubbering jilted school girl, he would have rejected her non-“apology” and demanded in even more stronger terms a striking of her comments from the record. But being good friends with the despicable Elijah Cummings who played Mr.”deaf ears”, and Meadows already having been mentally compromised (he was called a racist don’t you know) this islamonazi sympathizer got away with it.

Rule 1, never let racism charges gut you when you know yourselves better than the halfwits accusing you. Rule 2. never befriend a hardcore race-baiting demagogue just because you have black relatives and Rule 2….. never ever acknowledge the whacky term “people of color”, it’s an exclusionary term and demeaning to those they are not including in their club…you know…” whitey”.


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