Finland: Oulu police crimes inspector Kiiskinen: “We knew what we were telling was causing foreign hatred. But the facts were harsh.”…….


If not for Oulu activist Junes Lokka and Tiina Wiik, the police and judicial system would be still happy as clams in keeping things quiet about young Finnish girls being raped by Muslim asylum seekers and refugees.


Let’s get some facts straight here. It’s not the public’s fault for the poisoning of the idea of accepting (real) refugees and asylum seekers, it’s the types of asylum seekers and refugees we have been witness to who are to blame.


With one horror story after the other being revealed, societies around the West have (correctly) seen themselves both used and abused while trying to accommodate supposed people in distress. Watching their political class and business cronies making money off of the cottage industry of  Asylum and refugee centers, while they virtue signal and score political points is one straw too many for most.


I refuse to be lectured to by the mandarins of the political system, who refuse to criticize the willful dissolving of the rule of law, where statutes are dismissed and arbitrary rulings enforced out of political expediency. They do not get to lecture us, they do not get to thump their chests in supposed righteous indignation all the while they are to blame for the decay of public trust in governmental institutions and the media. Do not let them get away with it, ever.


No, it’s not us who are “hating foreigners”, but disgusted over how fraudulent asylum seekers and refugees and the government were/still are using the taxpayers as their private ATM and told to “shut-up” when they voiced any disapproval or concerns. And yes, the facts are harsh, and warned about long before they started popping up in social media before law enforcement was forced into acting and confessing what they knew.


Police officer who reported Oulu sexual offenses tells about the hardest turmoil in his career – “We knew that what we were telling was causing foreign hatred. But the facts were harsh.”


Criminal Inspector Markus Kiiskinen has reported in an extraordinary manner about sex offenses against children in Oulu. It has been the toughest publicity of his career.

After ten minutes the phone starts ringing, Markus Kiiskinen , the Criminal Inspector of the Oulu Police Department, predicted on the first day of December.


It was Saturday and Kiiskinen had just published a bulletin containing five sentences for the media. An experienced policeman knew that a storm was brewing.


The bulletin reported that a minor girl was suspected of being the victim of aggravated sexual abuse and aggravated rape of a child in Oulu. Seven men were arrested on suspicion of the acts.


The detainees are of foreign background, Kiiskinen announced.


It was exceptional. The police do not usually tell about the ethnic background of suspects. However, according to Markus Kiiskinen, it was now necessary.

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