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Vlad Tepes nails it: French government media finds misbehaving individuals and report them as exemplary of the whole…….


The agenda media drive-by smear complex…



This is excellent. As usual, the government media complex finds people who behave badly, or often as not, insert people who behave badly and then report on that one individual’s behaviour as exemplary of the whole. In this case, a Yellow Vest Spokesman has had enough of it and won’t play along. His refutation is excellent as is his reveal at the end of how his interrogator was in fact a communist violent thug in the 60s.

This is exactly what took place in Manchester yesterday when someone (some people) in the crowd gathered to watch Tommy Robinson’s #Panodrama exposé situated next to the BBC’s media complex.



But here we find out that there were rules laid by organizers of the event to all who came to the rally, no one was to molest anyone in the media, all were free to come and do their jobs.



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