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Marxist Finnish constitutional lawyer Martin Scheinin upset over government official calling him a Communist…….

You would think that he would embrace his Marxism…
You can’t make this crap up if you tried. Of course, the Finnish state broadcaster Yle flacks for him. Yet another totalitarian whiner.
Scheinin is considering ‘filing charges to the police’. He was called a communist because he was a member of the Central Committee of the SKP (Finnish communist party) in 1981.

Politicians berating of Professor Scheinin: Considering filing charges with the police 


At this stage, well-known lawyer Martin Scheinin does not want to name the subject of the investigation.


The constitutional expert, Professor Martin Scheinin, wants the police to investigate the lawfulness of offensive speech against him.


He says he is still considering initiating a legal process. Professor Scheinin, who has appeared in the TV1 Sannikka & Ukkola program, does not yet want to identify who or whom has committed offensive language against his person.


Among other things, Professor Scheinin has provided critical expert advice on the Parliamentary inquiry package.


– One thing is the Defense Minister instructing the intelligence services as to what kind of people should be considered a threat and to be monitored. It feels a bit like being targeted, said the scholar from the European University Institute and professor of International law and human rights, Martin Scheinin.


Defense Minister Jussi Niinistö (sin.) Has called parliamentary experts, such as Martin Scheinin, as a constitutional Taliban. Scheinin has also been implicated to be a traitor. In addition, his old background in the leftist circles has been raised.


– Yes, this is degrading and unfortunate. I will receive hate mail for the rest of my life.


The legal scholar was even more specific about the conditions for possible defamation and more precise wording for the forthcoming investigation request to be sent to the police.



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