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US: Four Massive Media Hoaxes in First Three Weeks of 2019…….


Nolte: Four Massive Media Hoaxes in First Three Weeks of 2019


We are only three weeks into 2019, a mere 22 days, and already the establishment media have hit us with four massive hoaxes, four flaming piles of fake news.


Led primarily by CNN, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, NBC News, and the New York Times — the same media that have spent two years crybabying about being labeled fake news — have already run these cons on the American people with a full week still left in the first month of this new year.


Worst still, the media continue to stand by these debunked hoaxes, including one that resulted in death threats against children.


Does anyone still want to argue fake news is not the enemy of the people?


After this trip down memory lane, I doubt it:


  1. Media Lie About Conservatives Outraged Over Dancing Video


The media opened the year on a stupid note with a wave of fake news that claimed, without any evidence (because there was none), conservatives had become outraged by a video of Socialist It Girl, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), getting her groove on in high school.


You know, because we’re all the dad in Footloose.


“Dance-off: Attempt to shame Ocasio-Cortez with video backfires,” howled Reuters.


“Bid to embarrass Ocasio-Cortez backfires,” screamed the far-left CNN on at least five occasions on YouTube alone.


“Conservatives mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for college dancing video, everyone else thinks it’s adorable,” reported something called a Newsweek.

And on and on…


Other than the fact that there was not even one example of a conservative doing anything more than shrugging the video off or agreeing it was a charming video of a high school girl acting like a high school girl, the story was 100 percent fake news, totally fabricated, conjured from whole cloth.


End Result: No retractions, corrections, or apologies.


Read it all here at Breitbart.

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