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Five Islamonazi terror suspects arrested for preparation of jihad attack…….


Five Terror Suspects Arrested


Police have arrested four male terror suspects in Rotterdam. Later an additional suspect was arrested in the German town of Mainz. 


The four arrested in Rotterdam were between the ages of 20 and 30. It was published that they had a non-Western background. One has a Syrian background, another an Egyptian background.


Earlier this year in June, two terror suspects were arrested in Rotterdam.  In September, seven suspects were arrested of which one was in Rotterdam. In 2017, on Christmas, four terror suspects were arrested in Rotterdam.  These four remain in jail.


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Four terror suspects arrested in Rotterdam, one in Mainz


In Rotterdam-East and in the center, four terrorist suspects were arrested early this morning. Investigators also searched the houses where they were arrested. Later today a fifth suspect was arrested in the German city of Mainz.


In the arrests this morning, men between the ages of 20 and 30 were arrested with a non-Western background. The four are suspected of involvement in the preparation of a terrorist crime, reports the police. Units of the Special Interventions Service helped police officers with the action. Nothing has yet been published about the fifth suspect.


A few days ago the police received an indication that the men might be planning something. They would also have had weapons.


No weapons or IS material were found in the five or six homes that were searched. “But terrorists are becoming smarter and do not always have that at home,” says reporter Robert Bas.


Certainly one of the men, Saleh M., has a Syrian background. His computer has been confiscated. M. is a status holder, just like his wife and children who were at home when he was arrested.


Another suspect has an Egyptian background.

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