Media malfeasance Media Skullduggery NYT

NYSlimes pimps pro-Hezbollah piece, lauds ”good works” by Islamonazi regime……..


It reminds me of the . (Helsingin Sanomat) puff piece from 12 years ago, “Hitchhiking with Hezbollah”… Nauseating propaganda.


Using NYT’s logic, Pablo Escobar’s drug empire and the murdering of people in order to protect it, should have been given a pass, and lauded, simply because he lavished millions of that drug money on the people of Medellin (which he did for protecting his racket)…


Christmas in Lebanon: ‘Jesus Isn’t Only for the Christians’


BEIRUT — The Iranian cultural attaché stepped up to the microphone on a stage flanked by banners bearing the faces of Iran’s two foremost religious authorities: Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic, and Ayatollah Khamenei, the current supreme leader.


To the left of Ayatollah Khomeini stood a twinkling Christmas tree, a gold star gilding its tip. Angel ornaments and miniature Santa hats nestled among its branches. Fake snow dusted fake pine needles.


“Today, we’re celebrating the birth of Christ,” the cultural attaché, Mohamed Mehdi Shari’tamdar, announced into the microphone, “and also the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.”


“Hallelujah!” boomed another speaker, Elias Hachem, reciting a poem he had written for the event. “Jesus the savior is born. The king of peace, the son of Mary. He frees the slaves. He heals. The angels protect him. The Bible and the Quran embrace.”

“We’re celebrating a rebel,” proclaimed a third speaker, the new mufti of the Shiite Muslims of Lebanon, the rebel in question being Jesus.



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