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Finnish newspaper HelsinginSanomat whitewashes over 1000 yr. Islamic jihad in India in piece worried about Hindu nationals erasing Muslim names……..


Dr.Andrew Bostom

“The Muslim law which imposed many disabilities and indignities upon the Hindus…and thereby definitely gave them an inferior social and political status, as compared to the Muslims, was followed by these Mughal Emperors (and other Muslim rulers) with as much zeal as was displayed by their predecessors, the Sultans of Delhi. The climax was reached during the reign of Aurangzeb, who deliberately pursued the policy of destroying and desecrating Hindu temples and idols with a thoroughness unknown before or since.

Islam has been the greatest destroyer of cultures and erasers of local names that the world has ever known. The kind of ‘journalism’ is only possible if you’re a complete moron, as well as being ideologically bent and working for a paper that embodies those same attributes.


Do you know what Prayagraj is? Not many others, and the cause is the Indian ruling party, which owns the country’s history by wiping out Islamic names

The troops of Prime Minister Narendra Modi swell the role of Hindu nationalism in India, says Tapio Tamminen, a cultural anthropologist.

Tommi Hannula HS
published: 18.12. 2:00 , Updated: 18.12. 6:23


DO YOU KNOW what Prayagraj is? Few know though it is India’s most famous cities and Hindu’s most important places.


More people are familiar with Allahabad. Tens of millions of pilgrims tugged at its rivers every twelve years because the mythical Sarasvati is told to have joined therein Ganges and Jamuna, whose different waters mix with each other at Allahabad today.


Allahabad’s official name just changed in October. Now it is Prayagraj. Reason? The old name referred to Islam.


It is not an isolated case. Prime Minister Narendra Mod’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been working hard to turn Muslim names back into “Hindu” or otherwise local. 

“This is part of a larger picture. Hindu nationalists strive to break down the secular tradition of the country, seeking to produce little India from Hindustani, “says Tapio Tamminen, a cultural anthropologist specializing in Hindu nationalism. 

About 80% of Indians are Hindus. Islam is recognized as an estimated 14 percent of the population, but the share is growing. BJP’s rise to power in 2014 between the faith groups have clearly tightened. 

ALLAHABAD the old name is in the Islamic Great Mughal period. Their kingdom was largely in the 17th and 18th centuries, covering almost all of the Indian peninsula. The majority of the subjects were still Hindus. Hindu nationalists say they have returned the name of a strange conqueror that was otherwise in parallel, informal use. It refers to the place of worship or rivers in the meeting place. However, only in the mogul season, the city grew, pointed out the former Vice Rector of the University of Allahabad, N. R. Farooqui, to the British Broadcasting Company BBC. Today, it is a million city located in the largest state in the country, about 200 million people in Uttar Pradesh.


More here in Finnish  (No mention of jihad in the entire whitewashed piece)

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