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US Ambassador Nikki Haley slams UN’s Anti-Israel ‘OBSESSION’ During Final Appearance…….


I truly am going to miss this Ambassador, articulate, poignant and devastatingly on point…


Amb.Nikki Haley’s criticism of the “UN’s obsession with Israel” is very similar that of Caroline Glick’s when she spoke on a JPost panel that included the Danish Ambassador to Israel who she excoriated with facts.



PARTING SHOT: Nikki Haley SLAMS the UN’s Anti-Israel ‘OBSESSION’ During Final Appearance


Outgoing US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley unloaded on the “hopelessly biased” global organization this week; blasting the international group for their obvious anti-Israeli positions.


Haley was speaking during her final appearance at the UN Security Council Tuesday when she slammed the committee; saying the member states refused to condemn multiple Hamas-backed attacks against Israeli citizens in recent months.


“The U.N. has shown itself to be hopelessly biased, as we witnessed again just two weeks ago when the General Assembly failed to even condemn Hamas’ terrorism against Israel,” she said.


“This U.N. obsession has been entirely unproductive. It’s actually worse than that. The U.N.’s obsession with this issue has been counterproductive. It has sent a loud and false message to the Palestinians that they might be able to achieve their goals by relying on the U.N., rather than through direct negotiations. And it has sent a loud and accurate message to the Israelis that they can never trust the U.N.” she added.


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