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Alan Dershowitz: Why conservative and liberal centrists should ally to save American liberty……..


The problem with Dershowitz, who to his credit has been clearly articulate in his debunking of the Left’s bogus claims against President Trump, is that he’s a statist…


Leftists by default are devoted to the centralization of concentrated power in their attempt to supposedly “right the wrongs” within the civil society, but by doing so they create far more problems than they will ever hope to solve. They need and crave the very thing that created the problems in the first place, government, and lots of it. It’s nice that Dersh observes, and correctly calls out the problems created by big government, but let’s be clear here, this man is a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton (a.k.a. the Chicago Machine), which means he truly is not for going to the heart of the problem, unconstitutional progressivism.


The US constitutional system has been under attack for well over 100 years, and that prolonged assault has borne its rotten fruit, the post-constitutional period US citizens are now living in. An unrestrained government, politicians (if they belong to the right party) are impervious to criminal prosecution, with no term limitations, are living off of the decaying carcass. Dershowitz is simply not equipped to take reform to its logical conclusion, he’s too heavily invested in the idea of big government that creates the problems he’s now addressing.


I doubt that he would even articulate the true meaning of liberty, let alone agree to it:


The unalienable right to interact with the rest of the civil society with the least amount of government interference… 



Why conservative and liberal centrists should ally to save American liberty.


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