PT-Media: One of Oulu’s rapists was an asylum mascot – involved in a special integration program, ”learn about Finns and their ways”…….


Looks like their messaging didn’t stick…


One of Oulu’s rapists was an asylum mascot – involved in a special integration program

Rahmani Gheibal, born in Afghanistan in 1998, was interviewed in Iltalehti in May of 2016, when he complained about the slow-moving relations with the Finnish people.


Did Rahmani mean that it was difficult for little girls to get in touch with him? That’s unknownIltalehti, nonetheless knew that Rahmani spoke pretty good Finnish after four months in his country of residence. And dreamed of being a mechanic. Rahmani told Iltalehti that the Finns are wonderful. Did Rahmani mean at this time little girls or Oulu asylum-activists who shuttled these Afghans around the villages to get to know the kids?


At the time, Rahmani was 2016 in the SPR (Finnish Red Cross) Trust program, which “developed different models to increase local interaction“.  It is not known whether SPR’s program included visits by asylum seekers to kindergartens or a warm day’s outing with little girls. But that has probably happened. Has Rahmani gotten a spark for grooming from asylum activists? So far, we don’t know either.


Rahmani, as well as Qaysaria, who was captured in Germany today, was schooled in the reception center’s Trust project, therefore, to learn Finnish ways and get to know Finns as well. Leban Yahye Ibrahim, who schooled asylum seekers in Arabic, told Iltalehti at that time:


– Finns do not have to fear asylum seekers, joint action to dispel prejudices, and otherwise, Ibrahim will make a statement.


More in Finnish here.

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