Finland: Court sentences Mustafa Mohammed Oleiwin to two years, eight mos for kidnap and rape of young woman…….


Add this to the growing list of Muslim rapes of Finnish females, whatever their ages may be…


Man lured young woman to his car in Heinola – kidnapped and raped her


When the woman came to the man’s car, he suddenly grabbed her by the hand and forced her in. The woman and the rapist did know each other.

The man wanted to show his car to a 19-year-old woman at the Heinola Beach Park in June of last year.


The showing of the car turned into a deprivation of freedom and a sexual offense when a man seized the very drunk woman in his car and took to his apartment, where she was raped.


The District Court of Päijät-Häme sentenced the 24-year-old Mustafa Mohammed Oleiwin for the rape and kidnapping to two years and eight months.


The sentenced person must pay EUR 6 300 to his victim for suffering. The victim and the rapist did not  know each other.



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