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Finland: Seven men arrested in gang-rape of underage girl…….


The lesson is clear, if you do not learn from what has happened in Sweden or the UK, it will happen in your country as well…


Seven imprisoned in Oulu – suspected of child felony rape and abuse of girl


Oulun oikeustalo käräjäoikeus


The Oulu District Court has arrested seven men suspected of having committed sexually abusive offenses against a child, according to a police officer in Oulu. The District Court detained the suspected men on Wednesday.


The criminal offenses of this case are the gross sexual exploitation and aggravated rape.


Alleged acts have taken place in private homes this year, mainly in Oulu, says Chief Inspector Markus Kiiskinen, of the Oulu police.


According to Kiiskinen, suspected acts continued for several months. He does not want to give more details about the time of events.


“I do not want to say more precisely about the time of the investigation because of the fact there could still be more suspects,” says Kiiskinen, to STT.


Alleged acts have been directed against an underaged girl. The police do not want to tell the victim’s exact age.


– It can be said that she is clearly a minor, Kiiskinen says.


According to Kiiskinen, there is no relationship between the victim and the suspected men. He says the suspects knew each other.


According to the police, suspects are foreign-based. Kiishik does not want to discuss the suspects’ background.


Of the suspected men is over thirty, the others are between 20 and 30 years of age.

Oulu police launched a criminal investigation in November.



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