Finland Rape

Finland: Court sentences Angolan trio to prison for brutal gang-rape of Finnish woman…….


They only get 3 years for what the judge deemed a brutal rape?


Trio raped woman after bar closing time at a home in Espoo – one of the rapists offered to help with ride and escorted victim to a taxi


AOP police


The woman was in a helpless state due to being intoxicated, during which two men who raped her at the same time.


The District Court of Espoo has sentenced three men to prison for gang-rape in Espoo during the month of August. The men took the woman after the bar closed and violently raped her. The woman was in a helpless state due to being intoxicated.


The District Court of Espoo ruled that it was aggravated rape. At the same time, the rape was carried out by up to three persons and the plaintiff was in a helpless state.


According to court, the men placed the woman in different positions during sexual intercourse with her, during which the two men raped the women at the same time.


The men felt that they were not guilty of committing crimes. The District Court did not believe this to be credible. The bruising on the woman’s body proved, according to the court, that the woman was not in the situation voluntarily. The court deemed the rape to be particularly humiliating.


The victim blamed herself, the doctor recommended that it should be reported

After rape the woman wanted to go home. One of the rapists had asked the woman if he could order a taxi, where she had responded that she would order it herself. After this, the man escorted the woman to the taxi.




The woman had to start a HIV-blocker because rapists had come from the HIV-risk area, Angola.


The District Court sentenced the 31-and 32-year-old men to three years in jail. The 30-year-old man received a three-and-a-half-year sentence.


Men were ordered to pay the woman compensation of more than ten thousand euros.



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