Finland Malaysia Muslim persecution of Christians

‘Moderate’ Malaysia: Four Finns arrested for evangelizing, police seize Christian tracts and pens…….


Islamosupremacism in supposedly the ‘moderate’ Islamic state of Malaysia…

The Finns are suspected of causing disharmony, disruption or hostile feelings. They are also suspected of violating the conditions of their visit.
The tourists are looking at up to two to five years ‘ imprisonment if they are found guilty in court.

Four Finns arrested in Malaysia, threatened with years of imprisonment – police seize 336 notebook Bible texts and 47 pencils

Finns were arrested on Wednesday according to a police report.
Four Finnish citizens have been arrested in Malaysia suspected of distributing religious material in public places, several Malaysian newspapers reported.

According to The Star , detainees are between the ages of 27 and 60. They were arrested on Wednesday at a hotel in Langkawi.


According to a statement released by Facebook’s Langkawi police, the two arrested are women and two men.

Area police chief Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said he had received a statement saying that suspects had distributed religious material to workers and traders at Jalan Pantai Chenang last Sunday.

According to the police, 336 notebooks were seized by suspects, containing Bible texts, 47 pencils, and two suitcases.


– To date, the police have received three reports of the case. It’s  understood that the suspects arrived in Langkawi on Sunday and they were due to leave tomorrow (Thursday), the police chief said according to the New Strait Times .


Finns do not have any previous criminal history in Malaysia.

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