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Douglas Murray: Asia Bibi and the case that makes a mockery of Britain’s asylum laws……..


The UK’s decision not to provide Asia Bibi with asylum (a case for asylum if there ever was one) is exactly the reason why we shouldn’t be allowing Muslims, in the tens of thousands, to be taking up residency in the West.


I keep repeating myself but it continues to be necessary to say it. If our Western governments behaved during WWII as they do now, we would never have survived German National Socialism and Russian Marxist Communist Socialism. They would have rejected the actual victims of these two monstrous ideologies/regimes, in favor of migrants who still hold allegiance to them.


UK gives sanctuary to Iranian minister who called to murder UK author Salman Rushdie, yet won’t take in persecuted Pakistani Christian woman—who suffered 8 years on death row for blasphemy, her life now threatened by the mob—due to “community relations.”

Asia Bibi and the case that makes a mockery of Britain’s asylum laws

Douglas Murray

In between the small amount of other news this week there has been a certain amount of attention on the plight of the Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi and her family. Bibi has spent most of this decade on death-row in Pakistan. Her crime is that a bigoted Muslim neighbour of hers made up a crock accusation against her and said she had blasphemed against Islam.


In the last week there has been some attention on the fact that various countries are looking into giving asylum to Bibi and her family – Britain among them. But it appeared earlier this week that the UK would not be offering this genuine asylum seeker any asylum because there were concerns about – ahem – ‘community’ relations within the UK should she be allowed to move here. There could be few greater demonstrations of what a mess this society has become than if the dynamics of the situation are indeed this way around.


So it is an interesting moment to consider a case of someone who has apparently been allowed to come to Britain and stay. Thanks to Hillel Neuer of the excellent UN Watch, I am made aware of the presence in London of Dr Ataollah Mohajerani, the former minister of culture and Islamic guidance in Iran. 


Anyhow, among his many other attainments and achievements in life, Mohajerani is probably best known for his book-length defence of the Iranian government’s call for the murder of Salman Rushdie. Mohajerani’s 250-page book (A Critique of the Conspiracy of The Satanic Verses) was written after the Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1989 fatwa calling for the murder of the British novelist. But as this piece here points out, Mohajerani kept up his hatred of Rushdie. In 2007, when Rushdie was awarded a knighthood, Mohajerani wrote an article criticising the government of Tony Blair and called Britain ‘a strange land with a government that acts strange.’ 

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