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US-French relations: Little-Napoleon (complex) Macron publicly insulted America with anti-Trump singer……..


To be followed by more smackdowns by Trump in the future…


French Populist MP Blasts Macron for Choosing Anti-Trump Singer to Perform in Front of U.S. President


French populist Rassemblement National (National Rally/RN) MP Louis Aliot has claimed President Emmanuel Macron purposely insulted U.S. President Donald Trump by choosing an anti-Trump singer to perform in front of him during the First World War Centenary ceremony on Sunday.


Aliot said that the French President had made a “petty attempt to embarrass the representative, and democratically elected leader, of one of France’s most important historical allies” by inviting Franco-Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo to perform, given her past anti-Trump remarks and her performance at the Women’s March in 2017.


Ms Kidjo, who has lived in the U.S. since 1998, went even further with her anti-Trump rhetoric earlier this year during a political panel television programme on broadcaster France2, calling the U.S. President a “tyrant.”


“I’m sorry, if we stay silent about this tyrant, I call him a tyrant. We’re going to have serious problems. Because when a human being does not have morals, does not have human values, cannot identify with others, we have problems when the person is at the head of a government,” she said.


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