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France: Trump Gaining Popularity Year-by-Year in France as Macron Plummets…….


Trump Gaining Popularity Year-by-Year in France as Macron Plummets


While the popularity of French President Emmanual Macron has seen a steady decline since he took power last year, polls have revealed a steady increase in popularity for U.S. President Donald Trump among the French people.


While President Trump is still viewed unfavourably by the majority of French people, the popularity of the American leader has steadily gained by around 16 percent per year since he took office in January of 2017, Le Figaro reports.


Initially, the U.S. leader’s unfavourability among French sat at 81 percent in November of 2017, but this has been reduced to 65 percent according to a new poll conducted by Odoxa and Dentsu Consulting for Le Figaro and broadcaster FranceInfo.

“At this rate (-16 points per year), the head of the White House will no longer be unpopular in France before the end of his term,” one pollster commented.


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