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Islamonazis beachheads (mosques) want PVV’s Geert Wilders banned from Twitter for “hate-speech”…….


The irony here just drips…


Mosques want Geert Wilders banned from Twitter for hate speech


A federation representing more than 100 mosques in the Netherlands has called on Twitter to block the account of anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders. The group says it will take legal action if the platform fails to act.


The Turkish Islamic Cultural Federation (TICF) has sent a formal request to Twitter demanding that Dutch firebrand politician Geert Wilders be banned for inciting hatred.


Wilders, the leader of the far-right Freedom Party (PVV), has often courted controversy with his staunch anti-Islam views and derogatory statements about immigrants.


The TICF, which represents 144 Turkish mosques in the Netherlands, said some of Wilders’ tweets breached the guidelines of the social media platform as well as laws in several countries, including Tunisia, Pakistan, Morocco and Indonesia.


“Twitter provides Wilders with a platform to spread his hatred worldwide,” said Ejder Kose, TICF’s lawyer. “This means that not only Wilders, but also Twitter, is punishable in those countries.”


“The world is bigger than the Netherlands,” he added.


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