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Trump warns Iran that sanctions are coming in ‘Game of Thrones’ meme…….


‘Sanctions are Coming’: Trump invokes ‘Game of Thrones’ to announce Iran crackdown

They might not be as terrifying as the White Walkers or Khaleesi’s dragons, but the Trump administration’s new sanctions on Iran were announced Friday with the help of a “Game of Thrones”-inspired parody poster declaring: “SANCTIONS ARE COMING.”


The rollout initially was executed in traditional Washington fashion: a conference call, a press release, a formal White House tweet. The headline was that the administration, as expected, would restore the final round of sanctions on Iran that had been lifted under the controversial 2015 Iran nuclear deal — though there would be exemptions for eight countries.

But then President Trump stepped in with extra flair, tweeting the following meme from the Westeros Wing:


It’s unclear who created the movie-style poster image, and whether House (John) Bolton was consulted.



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