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Double standard on Neo-Nazi and Islamonazi anti-Semitic violence…….


Daniel Greenfield is one of the most brilliant columnists and essayists of our time…



The double standard on Nazi and Muslim anti-Semitic violence.

Daniel Greenfield

Two types of people plot attacks against Jewish synagogues and community centers: Nazis and Muslims.


In 1999, Buford O. Furrow, a white supremacist, opened fire at a Jewish Community Center in the Los Angeles area. He wounded three little boys, their teenage female counselor and an elderly female receptionist. He told the FBI that he wanted this to be “a wake-up call to America to kill Jews.”


While Furrow was carrying out his attack, President William Jefferson Clinton was in the White House.


In 2000, Ali Hassan Abu Kamal and Mazin Assi attempted to firebomb a synagogue in New York.


“A bias-motivated attempt to firebomb a synagogue?” the New York Times wondered.  “Or a misguided message critical of Israeli policies against Palestinians?”


In 2006, Naveed Afzal Haq used a teenage girl as a hostage to force his way into the Seattle Jewish Federation where he shot 6 women. The Muslim attacker shouted, “You Jews” at the non-Jewish marketing director and shot her in the stomach. The bookkeeper went into cardiac arrest, died at the scene, was revived and died again on the operating table and still lived to testify at Haq’s trial.


“I want these Jews to get out,” Haq could be heard shouting on the phone.


The media attempted to portray Haq as mentally ill. The local alternative paper insisted that his “his anti-Semitic rhetoric” was just a “veneer” on “a man disturbed by feelings of inadequacy and rejection.”


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