anti-Semitic attack Tommy Robinson US

Tommy Robinson condemns the Neo-Nazi who murdered of 11 Jews and wounded scores others in Pittsburgh terror attack…….


This sicko in Pittsburgh murdering Jews while they were praying is what I’ve been warning and fighting about for years. I literally fought with Nazi’s when they tried to join the EDL. This terrorist is the real face of the extreme Far right. His Jew hating ideology is no different to ISIS or other Islamic terrorists that I call out.


When the media put me and even Jewish friends of mine like Avi Yemini who have genuine concerns or criticism of an ideology in the same box as monsters like this, they hide the true face of the far right and only send people to the extremes.


The real far-right Nazi’s hate me, they’ve always hated me. My first appearance on the BBC was burning a Nazi Swastika flag side by side with friends from all races!


The big difference now is that the real far right and the far left have the same target, Jeremy Corbyn and crew just dress it up as hating ‘Zionists’.


I utterly condemn this guy, these murders and anyone who attacks anyone in the name of their warped ideology.

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