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Iraq-Turkey: Erdogan’s government accused of aiding and abetting ISIS jihadis in Iraq…….


Like the Russians, the Turks will use the jihad to destabilize others in order to project its own hegemony…


Police Chief: Turkey Fueling Islamic State Pipeline to Iraq


The government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is helping the Islamic State (ISIS) rebuild a clandestine terror network inside Iraq that poses an ongoing security threat, according to Iraqi National Police Brigadier General Aref al-Zebari.


In an interview in his Mosul office, General Zebari detailed a series of recent arrests of ISIS fighters who had gone to ground in the Mosul area after the end of major military operations last year.


“We found one cell of seventeen fighters trying to reconstitute themselves into an active terror cell,” General Zebari said. “When we arrested them, they were carrying fake IDs, money, weapons, and communications equipment. They told our interrogators, ’our leaders are in Turkey.’”


ISIS continues to be led by foreign fighters – Chechens, Afghans, Syrians, and Pakistanis – based inside Turkey, General Zebari said: “Here in Mosul, they are moving into new neighborhoods. During the occupation, there were around 30,000 to 35,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul. Of those, 7,000 were killed, 7,000 escaped, and 7,000 we arrested. We believe around three to four hundred remain underground.”


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