Islam in France

Dhimmi France: Bring home jihadists’ kids from Syria…….


Eh, not at the expense of our own here in Europe…



France wants to bring home jihadists’ kids from Syria

France wants to bring home jihadists' kids from Syria
Photos: AFP
France is seeking to repatriate some of the 150 children of French jihadists identified as being in Syria, as Western nations grapple with how to handle citizens who left to join extremists.

A French official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Paris would repatriate the children “as much as is possible, on the condition that the mother agrees”.


“We’re starting to look at how this might work,” the source added.


French authorities only have a precise location for some of the children, making these the only viable cases for potential repatriation, the source said, declining to give figures.


The cases of the 150 youngsters, some of whom are being held in camps in Kurdish-held northern Syria after the Islamic State group was driven from the area, were flagged up by authorities there or by their families in France.


Most are under six years old and were born in Syria.


The mothers of any repatriated children would be left in Syria, the source said.


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