US-Mexican border

Invasion group heading to US border linked to Democrat donors, government bureaucrats…….


You better believe that they are…


What Trump will do with them remains yet to be seen, but the Dems are banking on bad PR rolling from it to affect upcoming elections.




While U.S. media attention has, for a second time in a year, turned to a massive migrant “caravan” curiously timed to arrive on the United States border just ahead of the contentious midterm elections, very few so-called journalists have bothered to report on the organizers of said caravan, its organizers, and their decades-long history.


After doing some investigative work, it can now be revealed that the Pueblos Sin Frontera (People Without Borders/PSF) — the group that organized a caravan back in April — has a track record of links with the international Quaker movement, historical Democratic Party donors, U.S. government bureaucrats, and perhaps even a senior Mexican diplomat.


In order to understand the nature of this “refugee” caravan, we have to consider first that groups like PSF and their sister organizations like the Casa de los Amigos and the Popular Assembly of Migrant Families (APOFAM) have long been involved in advocacy surrounding the destruction of U.S. borders.


As far back as 1939, U.S.-based organizations like the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), which still lists the Casa de los Amigos on its website, were plowing money into the Casa de los Amigos that now provides offices to APOFAM in Mexico.


Their website was updated on December 4, 2012, declaring:

On the first of November, the House welcomed a new partner: APOFAM, (the Popular Assembly of Migrant Families). We are very happy to give you the keys to the famous office in the main courtyard. They will use the House as their office, base of organization and a space for meetings and events.

The group’s links, funding sources, and history are important because they all seem to be linked through one leading activist named Rodrigo Abeja, widely quoted though scarcely investigated by the U.S. media.


Abeja, who appears prominently in shared posts on the APOFAM Facebook page, was quoted by Vice News in 2013, which listed him as one of the group’s key organizers.


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