Hungary increasingly being seen as safe refuge by French citizens wanting to escape mass migration……..


This will increase as France and other Western European states become more Islamized…


French Flee To Hungary To Escape Effects of Mass Migration


French citizens are now joining Germans and others seeking a new life in the Hungarian capital of Budapest in order to escape the negative effects of uncontrolled mass migration.


More and more French are seeking to escape to what they see as the safety of Budapest according to a new documentary called Hungary: the Promised Land that was broadcast on French television this week, France Info reports.


The 20-minute documentary examined the lives of several French citizens who now call Budapest home including a young woman named Elsa who came to the city two years ago after living in the notorious, heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris.


The young woman claimed that she moved after being assaulted and robbed on three separate occasions in her previous neighbourhood. “I think that when you are master of your country, fundamentally, in an era of globalization, the immigration factor comes into play,” she said.


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  1. Finnish friends recently returned to Australia after holidays in Finland and Europe.

    They said Hungary was great and that if they had to choose another country, it would be Hungary. They felt safe and welcome there.

    They said Turku had changed dramatically – Muslims everywhere.

    Oh well . . following in the footsteps of Sweden, I guess.

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