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J.E.Dyer: Trump says he’ll deploy military, close U.S. border if 4,000-strong migrant caravan isn’t halted…….


An invasion…


Trump says he’ll deploy military, close U.S. border if 4,000-strong migrant caravan isn’t halted

On a Fox News show Wednesday night, I caught Newt Gingrich predicting that the two things foremost on voters’ minds for election day in November would be the circus surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation and the migrant caravan coming from Central America.


I’m not so sure about the Kavanaugh confirmation, although if we focus on the circus-atmosphere aspect, Gingrich may be correct.  Whichever side of the Kavanaugh divide people were on, I think most were startled by the overwrought political environment that seemed to prevail.  The impression of that, for good or ill, may well be particularly important to voters’ choices.


The caravan, on the other hand, is likely to be on many minds, as Gingrich says — if it gets to the U.S. border in large numbers.  On Thursday, Mexico deployed federal police to the southern border with Guatemala, just as the first migrants from the caravan, which has reportedly swelled to some 4,000 people, began to arrive there. According to the AFP report, there are “several hundred” in the group that arrived on Thursday.  Guatemala has sent “police reinforcements” as well.


Mexico is also asking the UN for assistance in dealing with the migrant surge.  As Ben Bowles pointed out earlier on Thursday, Mexico isn’t anxious to welcome the migrants.  Asking for UN assistance is actually a way of trying to internationalize the problem, and invoke the obligation of other nations — such as the United States — to take in whatever migrants are recommended by the UN.


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