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Daniel Greenfield: Kavanaugh wasn’t the real target, the Supreme Court was…….


Yep. Exactly…



Kavanaugh wasn’t the real target, the Supreme Court was.

Daniel Greenfield

Why did the Democrats launch an unprecedented smear campaign against a Supreme Court nominee?


The matrix of motives centers on a cynical midterm ploy to boost turnout, appeal to suburban female voters in swing states and, hopefully, defer the nomination to a Dem Senate.


But that’s the short game, not the long game.


The attack on Brett Kavanaugh was not just an assault on a man, but an attack on an institution.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 years old and Stephen Breyer is 80 years old. Presidential incumbents tend to win reelection. Even if the Democrats take the Senate, the odds are good that they won’t be able to nominate anyone to the Supreme Court until 2025.


That’s a long time away, and a lot can happen until then.


Even if Breyer and Ginsburg manage to stay in the game until a Democrat makes it into the White House, with Kavanaugh’s appointment the Supreme Court has taken on a 5-4 conservative tilt for the next seven years. It’s been a century since the Supreme Court has been this conservative.


Conservative justices have less power than lefty justices. The latter can create laws, in defiance of the constitution, while the former eliminate them, in deference to the constitution.


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