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John Kass @ TownHall: Burning Books Is the Next Honest Step for the Kavanaugh-hating Left……


Following in the footsteps of their ideological cousins the German Fascists…


Burning Books Is the Next Honest Step for the Kavanaugh-hating Left

Now that Brett Kavanaugh has finally been sworn as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court — after several ugly weeks of ritual defamation by the hard left that has seized the Democratic Party — there is just one more unfinished ritual to complete.


A great fire, a bonfire of burning books like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Ox Bow Incident” and other troublesome works containing offensive ideas.


These titles were once prized by my good and liberal schoolteachers, who remembered McCarthyism and what happens to a people who abandon the notion of presumption of innocence of the accused and warned us about giving in to mob rule to satisfy our politics.


But for the past few weeks it has been the Democrats, hostages of the hard left, seeking to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation through public shaming and the evisceration of his once stellar reputation on uncorroborated allegations that, while in high school 36 years ago, he was a sexual predator.


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