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Israel: Two murdered, one critically wounded in possible terror attack in Samaria region…….


More than likely it will be an act of terror…



Two of the victims, a man and woman in their 30’s, were fatally wounded and one, a woman in her 50’s, was in moderate condition, according to Magen David Adom.


Three people were wounded, two fatally, in a suspected terror attack in the Barkan Industrial Park, located in the Samaria region of the West Bank, according to police reports.

The shooter entered the industrial park early Sunday morning and shot two women and one man, according to the report.


Security forces are searching for the suspect, who they believe is a Palestinian from the city of Kalkilya, who had worked in one of the factories in the Industrial Park, but had been fired a few months ago.


“The suspect knew who he intended to hurt,” a source in the investigation said, Walla! news website reported.


He added that the shooter went up to the second floor and fired selective shots at the people in the offices.

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