Swedish police in Skövde get teeth knocked out while arresting ‘youths’…….


‘Youths’ being a euphemism for migrant thugs…


Police got their teeth broken – two men arrested


On Wednesday, a civil police in Skövde was battered after a noise on a bus. Two men have now been arrested for the attack.


“He got a few teeth knocked out and received a concussion,” says Jan Nyman, a communications officer at Skaraborg Hospital.


It was at 20.45 on Wednesday night that the police were alarmed that there was a messy situation at the bus terminal at Resecentrum in Skövde. On board a bus some kind of noise had broken out.


When the first patrol came to calm down the situation, they became “quite agitated”, according to Morten Gunneng, chief officer of the West police region.


Several people from the gang then went to attack the police.


– A policeman from the patrol is now in the hospital. He has been subjected to violence against the upper body and head. There have been no bridges, what we know, says Morten Gunneng.


“All are younger men”


Shortly thereafter, another patrol arrived at the bus terminal at the Resecentrum. Even this patrol was attacked by the young men. It was only when the police managed to get further reinforcement to the place as the situation calmed down.


“We now have four detainees after this. Two are arrested and two have been interrogated. All are younger men, says Morten Gunneng.


More here in Swedish @ SVT


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