Finland School children manipulation

Finland: School allows poster demonizing Finns party leadership condoning the death of migrants…….


The poster reads :


To Finland or to death. 


(The politicians under the “death” heading, are Finns Party leaders, Jussi Halla-aho and Laura Hihtasaari)


Personally, I have no problem with kids venting their political POV’s in school, but what I see here is the rotten fruits of class indoctrination by the staff of the school in question. It’s, of course, helped along by the mainstream #fakemedia in Finland, who for the most part, march in lockstep with the general consensus of the ruling elite (political, academic and media establishment).


It’s a gross mischaracterization of the views these two politicians have promoted, none of which want to see anyone die at sea, the teachers know that, yet allowed such a poster to be placed on the wall. If you’re going to make a political statement, you better make damn sure that it’s a factual one, something completely of no concern to the teacher(s) /staff in this school.

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