Hannan: Eurocrats expect us to drop Brexit, how little they understand the British…….


Brussels thinks has-beens like Tony Blair remain influential CREDIT:  EMMANUEL DUNAND/ AFP


The Eurocrats are expecting us to drop Brexit. How little they understand the British

The EU apparat isn’t interested in a mutually beneficial deal with Britain. It would rather see all sides suffer than watch Brexit succeed. That is the only possible interpretation to put on recent events.


Try a thought experiment. Imagine any other potential trading partner – Japan, say – making the offer that the United Kingdom made at Salzburg. Picture, if you can, Japanese negotiators promising their Brussels counterparts that they would unilaterally adopt European goods standards, align their labour and environmental laws with the EU’s in perpetuity, contribute to Europe’s security and pay for the privilege.


We know what Eurocrats’ reaction would be. “Quick”, they would exclaim, their voices…


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