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Gaza Arabs attack Israeli border with hand grenades, Finland’s state broadcaster YLE’s headline notes only return fire…….


Disgusting bias…


It’s intentional twisting of the news to fit their narrative, their headlines always slant in one way, with Israel being the initiator of violence and the Arabs being passive victims. They’ve been doing it this way for as long as I can remember, which means a heavily institutionalized bias against the Jewish state.


A factual headline would read as follows:

7 Arabs in Gaza killed after attacking Israeli border.



Israeli troops opened fire at the Gaza border – 7 Palestinians killed

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, two children were among the dead.


Israeli soldiers have slain seven Palestinians on Friday at the Gaza border, the Palestinian Ministry of Health says.


Israel has acknowledged the use of force. According to the armed forces, the soldiers opened fire and imposed an air strike after the protesters threw grenades and other explosives towards the Israeli troops.


According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, there were two children, 12-and 14-year-olds.


On Friday the Gaza-Israel border saw numerous demonstrations involving thousands of people. A total of 505 Palestinians were injured in the violence, 89 of them had been killed, the Gaza Ministry of Health says.



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