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Afghanistan: 16-year-old tells about a forced marriage with a 70-year-old…….


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Most of the women in Afghan prisons have been convicted of “moral crimes”, ie escaping forced marriages. According to reports by the UN, only about 20-40 percent of marriages in Afghanistan are based on the free will of both sides.
– I just want a divorce. I can not go back home because my dad would kill me. My whole family has rejected me, a 20-year-old Aisha H , a three-year imprisonment . tells  Human Rights Watch .

16-year-old tells about a forced marriage with a 70-year-old

Most of the women convicted in Afghan prisons have escaped forced marriages.



Women’s status has improved considerably in Afghanistan since 2001, when the US-backed North Alliance overthrew the far-Islamic Taliban regime. However, the forced marriages are still very common despite the imposition of severe punishments by the Law of 2009.


Radio Free Europe interviewed a 16-year-old girl who is about to marry a 70-year-old man. The man has promised to pay a woman’s family about $ 14,000 for marriages. Both families belong to the Afghan minority in Afghanistan.


The girl’s mom says the family needs a lot of extra money to survive everyday life.


– I told them I did not want to marry a man. But my mom did not listen to me. I have no alternative. What can I do, the girl asks.


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