John Kerry US/Israeli Relations

Israeli media personality calls former US Sec. of State Kerry a ‘fool,’ emphasizes amount of ‘damage’ he caused…….


The damage that Kerry caused, as well as Obama and his entire administration, will go down in history as one of the worst periods in American history…


‘It’ll take generations to undo the damage this fool did’

Avri Gilad, an Israeli media personality, calls former US Sec. of State Kerry a ‘fool,’ emphasizes amount of ‘damage’ Kerry caused.



Israeli media personality Avri Gilad slammed Former US Secretary of State John Kerry’s claim that US President Donald Trump “doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” and emphasized the damage Kerry had caused during his time in the Obama administration.


In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Kerry rejected Trump’s comments that the 2015 “Iran deal” is the worst deal he has ever seen, and claimed Trump “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”


Speaking on Reshet immediately after Kerry’s interview was aired, Gilad said, “When we were children, we would say, ‘No, you.’ You know what you’re talking about…. Seriously. I would love his hair and his money – not his diplomatic understanding.”


“This man has done so much damage. It’ll take generations to fix what this fool has done.”


Despite evidence proving that Iran continued developing its nuclear capabilities after the 2015 deal was signed, Kerry has insisted that the deal is “working.”


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