Dhimmitude Finland Islamization MUSLIM SETTLERS

Helsinki’s city hall raised nation’s flag in honor of Islam’s horrific animal butchery (it’s not kosher)…….


Dhimmitude and Islamization go hand in hand (and scimitar)…


Finland’s Muslim network FB page:

Flying the flag at Helsinki City Hall for Muslim ID celebration

Muslims celebrate today Id al-Adha feast. The celebration is another of the two annual main festivals of Islam. The number of Muslims in Finland has grown significantly from about 1,000 Muslims in the early 1980’s to the present approximately 100 000 Muslims. Tens of thousands of Muslims live in the Helsinki metropolitan area.
The recognition of the Id-celebration at the city hall by flying the nation’s flag is likely to promote equality and increase the sense of belonging to Helsinki.
Thanks to the city of Helsinki and the Mayor Jan Vapvuorelle for accepting the initiative of the Muslim network in Finland!
As stated on the Helsinki City website:”The town hall is part of one of the most important areas of Helsinki. The South port and the market square have a national symbolic value. These are the most important social institutions in Finland and the Finnish flag is part of this landscape. “

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