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J.E.Dyer delivers devastating reasons why disgraced John Brennan no longer merits security clearance…….


The question I have is how did he ever merit obtaining one in the first place, meaning becoming head of the CIA? The man voted for communist Gus Hall (CPUSA) at the height of the Cold War.


John Brennan promptly demonstrates why he no longer merits a clearance

As Howard Portnoy noted earlier today, President Trump has terminated former CIA Director John Brennan’s courtesy security clearance, a perk of departed senior political officials.


Brennan complained that this move was a threat to freedom of speech and a way to “punish critics.”  Howard observed, quite correctly, that termination of a security clearance has zero impact on Brennan’s freedom of speech.


I would add that termination of a security clearance is also no form of punishment, for those who no longer need a clearance to do their jobs.  Brennan doesn’t need a clearance.  He holds no job for which a clearance is required.


In fact, he has been in the position for the last 18 months of doing something I could never do, or anyone else who wasn’t granted special favors as a senior political appointee.  He has held a clearance while at the same time being able to run around talking about national security and intelligence issues to the mainstream media without government supervision.  Since February 2018, he’s been able to do it for money.


Great work if you can get it.  The hazards of “leakage” should be obvious, but I’ll mention them anyway.  As Politico pointed out, James Clapper (former DNI) and Michael Haydn (like Brennan, former DCI) are similarly employed.  And unlike the others in the Politico list of spooks-turned-talking-heads, Clapper and Haydn also presumably have retained their clearances.


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  1. Brennan is a classic apparatchik, decades in a high paying government job regardless of the administration.

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