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Finland: State news broadcaster Yle reports on Jews leaving UK due to increased Jew-hatred, fails mentioning sources of antisemitism…….


I know why…


So does Yle, but for ideological reasons, they leave it out.


CNN: The growth of anti-Semitism drives Jews to move from Britain

According to an organization working against anti-Semitism in Britain, nearly 730 anti-Semitic incidents took place during the first half of the year.


The growing popularity in anti-Jewish attitudes has led to at least part of the Jewish minority in Britain to plan to move elsewhere, according to the American television channel CNN.


According to the channel, Jewish emigration from Britain to Israel grew in the first half of the year by nine percent from the previous year. 213 Jews moved from Britain to Israel between January and June.


No accurate figures are available for Jewish migration to other countries. According to the NGO, Jews are also moving to the United States and Canada.


According to the CST organization (moving to another service) in anti-Semitism in Britain, 727 anti-Semitic conflicts took place in the country during the first half of this year, which is the second largest in written history.



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