Dhimmitude Finland

Finland shoves victims of Turku jihadi stabbings down memory hole, no memorial service on anniversary of jihad attack…….


Cut the crap about the perp not deserving it, it’s the victims who deserve remembering you fools, you’re just shoving them down the memory hole out of political expediency!


There is no memorial ceremony on the anniversary of the Turku Stabtings – ‘ The tragic crime or the offender does not deserve it ‘


Turun kauppatori 23. elokuuta 2017.


The City of Turku quietly honors the anniversary of the stabbings in Turku a year ago, on 18. August. The city will not organize commemoration events.


– In our view, the tragic crime nor the perpetrator deserves a day of commemoration. We respect the victims and the helpers by working every day to improve security, intercultural understanding and integration of immigrants, together with other authorities and civil society, says mayor of Turku David P.


According to Arve, the results are measured much more widely than the crime already committed, and therefore should not be emphasized by placing a smbol or a sign.




H/T: Jani Räsänen

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