anti-Semitic attack anti-Semitism Islam in Germany

‘Paleostinian’ Islamonazi attacks Jewish Israeli professor at Bonn university……..


This is who they are, this is not rocket science, and Germany let them in by the millions …


Israeli professor attacked by Palestinian in Germany


Assailant shouts ‘No Jew in Germany’ at visiting scholar and knocks his kippa off his head; victim defends himself but is beaten by police, who mistake him for instigator


A US-based Israeli professor of philosophy was assaulted Wednesday in Germany by a man of Palestinian origin, who knocked his skullcap off and shouted at him that there should be no Jews in Germany.


The Israeli defended himself but was then set upon and hit in the face by police, who thought he was the instigator of the altercation. The local chief of police later apologized for the incident.


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  1. “‘Paleostinian’”

    LOL – I’ve been calling them that for well over a decade. Glad to see someone else agrees. 😉

    Yep, that is indeed “who they are.”

    1. Same here, who knows, I might have picked that up from you!

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