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Finns Party: Sweden Democrats’ Electoral Platform a Handbook of Change, strict policy on immigration, revoking of asylum if circumstances change…….


Looks like they’ve thought this through, and it’s resonating with the people who are rejecting Swedicide, and are abandoning the other parties in droves…


The Swedish Democrats Electoral Platform is a handbook of change: A strict policy on immigration – asylum revoked immediately when circumstances change


The main themes of Sweden’s September national election relate to immigration and crime. The Swedish Democrats differentiate themselves from other parties precisely because of their immigration policy.


The party’s electoral programme is a statement of all that is wrong in Sweden. The medicine is there and the Swedish Democrats are also introducing them.


Serious problems with Immigration


The biggest concern about Sweden Democrats is the fact that the country is broken, cracked and tired. There is a gap between immigrants and the Swedish people, between the citizens and the old and the young. Sweden must make yet another open but unified country, where everyone first carries out their duties and only then demands their rights.


Each of them must be made clear from elementary school, what it means to be a Swedish citizen. All those who have been granted asylum must be provided with a compulsory education in Swedish society.


In Sweden, because of the irresponsibility of the previous governments, immigration has been the cause of serious problems and needs to be remedied by the Swedish Democrats’ policies. The reception of refugees is only possible in Sweden’s neighbouring countries, and the admission of refugees must be completely abolished as long as the neighbouring regions of Sweden are safe.


Asylum revoked when circumstances change


The criteria for granting asylum must be clarified and withdrawn immediately once the grounds have changed. Similarly, illegals staying in the country must be sought and removed from the country. If the removal does not succeed immediately, they must be maintained under safe conditions. Swedish citizenship must be revocable if it is acquired on false grounds.


Employers must take the opportunity to import labour-intensive wages and local working conditions into the country. It is also necessary to ensure that immigrants are not overloadingh the social and health systems that are already in crisis.


Places in Europe for life imprisonment convicts


The Swedish Democrats ‘ criminal policy objectives are in part linked to immigration objectives. Therefore, foreigners who are guilty of serious crimes must be removed immediately from the country and Swedish nationals who commit terrorist offences must be deported. The possibility of renting prisons in Europe for foreigners with life imprisonment should also be made possible.


The penalties for sex offenders must be significantly tightened and, where possible, a comprehensive file and DNA sampling for sex offenders. Honour crimes and intimidation must be fought against, and no child under the age of 24 gets married to a foreigner. All discrimination related to sex must be prohibited and, similarly, all non-medical related measures taken against minors must be banned.


Better wages for the police


The police profession must be made once again attractive by improving wages, working conditions, career opportunities and training. Crimes against the police must always be condemned as serious crimes. The addition of surveillance cameras and the right to temporary closure of a person contributes to the safety of the police. The police must also be able to carry arms while off duty and the preparedness of the police system is put in place, while the number of police officers is increased over all.


The Swedish Democrats ‘ energy policy is based on nuclear power and the development of the fourth generation of nuclear reactors must be invested. Climate policy measures must be targeted where they are most useful, namely international cooperation and research. Electric cars must be built with charging stations and hydrogen for motoring must be catered for.


EU Membership Referendum


The general election promises are a requirement to amend the cabotage legislation* so that foreign business cannot operate in Sweden. Shipping bus charges are also history and the railway repair debt should be handled. Child marriages and polygamy must also be banned. The courage to also acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


The referendum on Swedish membership of the EU is a familiar requirement.


Nordic issues  is our business, stated the electoral platform. The Swedish Democrats look away from the EU towards the Nordic people’s community, common culture and common values. It is particularly important to have more and more intensive defence and security cooperation, as well as the fight against radicalisation and terrorism.


Suomen Uutiset


CabotageCabotage (/ˈkæbətɪdʒ, -tɑːʒ/) is the transport of goods or passengers between two places in the same country by a transport operator from another country.

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