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Donald Trump urges Macron to ‘pull France out of EU in return fo better trade deal with US’…….


Excellent question, France has more to gain outside the statist leviathan than within it…


The dopes who insist that you have to have a political union in order to have trade are full of crap. They’re also wrong about the EU securing freedom and democracy in Europe. It’s been the American taxpayer through the Marshall Plan after WWI (Finland being the only country to pay the US back) as well as via NATO. The EU as is, is setting up the scenario of violence as it becomes more and more coercive and dictatorial. The legislative belching tyranny in Brussels is as much as a threat as Russia ever could be.


Donald Trump urges Emmanuel Macron to ‘pull France out of the European Union in return for a better trade deal with the US’

  • The suggestion was made during a visit to Washington by the French leader
  • US president reportedly said to Macron ‘why don’t you leave the EU?’ 
  • Macron said what’s said behind closed doors ‘should stay behind closed doors’


Trump is also said to have encouraged French President Emmanuel Macron to leave the European Union



Donald Trump suggested to Emmanuel Macron that France should leave the European Union and sign a trade deal directly with the United States.


The American president urged his French counterpart to follow Britain’s lead when Macron visited the United States earlier this year.


‘Why don’t you leave the EU?’ he reportedly asked the visiting French leader, the Washington Post reported.


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