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Benjamin Weinthal exclusive for JPost: German Islamic Center Raises Money For Hezbollah…….


Here in Finland, the Lutheran Church is also actively engaging in funding a Palestinian Children’s organization, but these members are linked to the terrorist PFLP…

The (Finnish) national missions festival program in Kuopio will feature on Saturday 26 May, a charity event, whose ticket proceeds will be donated to the Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P) observer for children’s rights.


This German incident is in my opinion greatly reflective of the problem existing for Western countries (if they actually care) in dealing with NGO’s, who are also dedicated to the fight against the Jewish state of Israel and Jew in general.



Roughly 950 Hezbollah operatives raise funds in Germany for Hezbollah and recruit new members, according to German intelligence reports from 2017.

 JUNE 22, 2018 02:16

The Al-Mustafa community center in the city-state of Bremen in northern Germany is a major hub for raising funds for the EU and US designated terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon, according to a German intelligence report reviewed by The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

The Bremen intelligence agency’s newly released report in June stated that the “The Al-Mustafa Community center supports Hezbollah in Lebanon, especially by collecting donations.”

The Post uncovered the Shi’ite organization’s bank account–the Bremen-based Sparkasse. The Bremen intelligence agency (the rough equivalent to Shin Bet) said there are approximately 60 Hezbollah supporters in the Al-Mustafa organization and “the Arab-Shi’ite association functions as a point of contact for Shi’ite Muslims in Bremen,especially those from Lebanon.”

The intelligence document did not cite the amount of funds transferred from Hezbollah supporters in Bremen to Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is unclear if Germany is currently engaged in anti-terror finance covering Hezbollah funding streams in Bremen and Germany-wide.

“The participation numbers vary strongly according to events [at the Al-Mustafa center], but could total 800 people,”wrote the intelligence officials on the organizational structure of the center. The Al-Mustafa website shows pictures of its school rooms and spacious event rooms. One photograph posted on the Al-Mustafa website shows at least 10 young children wearing Hezbollah combat-style attire in the green and yellow colors associated with the Lebanese militia.The flag of Hezbollah depicts the green logo on a yellow background with an upraised arm grasping an AK-47 assault rifle.


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