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Daniel Greenfield: It’s not about family separation, it’s about open borders……..


The Democrats know this, but they’re political eels, using any issue to keep the angst going with a total misinformation campaign to further their chances in upcoming elections.



The outcry over “family separation” or “splitting up parents and children” is one of the worst examples of fake news.


Let’s be clear what’s happening here.


When adults commit a crime, they’re separated from their children. That’s how the legal system works. Illegal aliens are committing a crime. And so they are arrested. If they bring children with them, those children are detained separately because they’re victims, not criminals, and the Democrats themselves wanted children to be held in the least restrictive conditions possible.


That makes sense. (As long as they’re actual children and not Obama’s 17-year-old MS-13 unaccompanied minors.)


There are only two possible solutions here.


1. Detain children together with parents


2. Open the border and allow illegal aliens (at least those toting along children as human shields) to invade the country with no interference.


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