Fighting Back Italy MUSLIM SETTLERS

Italy summons French ambassador after France criticizes Italian government’s ‘irresponsible’ move in turning away refugees…….


They’re not refugees, but welfare tourists..


Italy summons French ambassador after France criticised Italy’s ‘irresponsible’ decision to turn away 629 migrants, as rescue ships continue voyage to Spain


Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini (pictured) barred rescue ships from docking in the country's ports after Malta refused to take hundreds of migrants


  • French President Emanuel Macron said this week Italy was being ‘irresponsible’
  • Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said France should be taking on more migrants 
  • The MV Aquarius carrying 629 migrants was left stranded after being blocked  
  • It is now en route to Valencia after Spanish authorities offered the boat asylum 

Italy has summoned the French ambassador to a meeting after France condemned the new coalition government over its treatment of migrants.


Italy’s new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has led the coalition in turning away fully-laden migrant craft from the shores of Sicily – refusing entry to a boat carrying 629 people this week.


The migrants aboard the Aquarius, run by French charity SOS Mediterranee, were stuck on the overloaded ship for over 30 hours as Italy and Malta bickered over who should take them.


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  1. France are definitely the Hypocrites here as I have travelled to Ventimiglia many times in past 10 years and I have seen 1st hand the French officers on the train between France and Italy. The French have special forces who board the train and profile dark skinned people and pull them off the train as they do not want the migrants at the border of Italy to enter France. Macron is a lying piece of shit. France should offer to take at least 300,000 migrants that have entered Italy instead of mouthing off and like usual not backing it up. Italy went to far and should now deport to France as they have been misled and fleeced by the EU. (Merkel and Macron) The fleecing of the funds received by EU members is staggering. Merkel being what appears to have taken the lead. Merkel should offer to take the other 300,000.
    Italy is not a sanctuary country and the Dublin law is a fallacy created by the useless and misguided EU. Italy won’t be ruled by anyone other than Italians. The EU is about to hit the wall and misguided comments like this just quicken the pace to EU collapse.

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