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Recognizing the Armenian genocide: Knesset considers controversial move as Israel’s ties with Turkey are strained over Gaza…….


One should not be tied with the other, just do the right thing…



The Knesset considers what may be a controversial move as Israel’s ties with Turkey are strained over Gaza.

 JUNE 8, 2018 23:36

MID DETERIORATING relations over recent clashes on the Gaza border, Turkey has warned Israel against any move to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

“We believe that the fact that Israel is placing the events of 1915 on the same level as the Holocaust will cause harm to Israel itself,” said a spokesman for Turkey’s Foreign Ministry.

Ankara’s comments came in response to the Knesset decision in late May to hold a debate on the issue, with Speaker Yuli Edelstein urging the chamber to back recognition, “because that is the right thing to do, as human beings and as Jews.”

Traditionally the Israeli government has blocked the Knesset from making such a declaration, concerned about the negative impact on relations with Turkey, but this time, following bitter anti-Israel rhetoric from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the debate was allowed to take place. Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said that the crisis with Turkey has prompted the ministry to examine a number of options.

Despite extensive historical research into the Ottoman Turks’ killing of the Armenian population, Ankara disputes the figure of 1.5 million fatalities, insisting that it was significantly lower and arguing that the victims died as part of the civil war rather than a systematic extermination program.


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