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Imam Tawhidi rips Bukari a new one…


It’s more than just the book of hadiths by Sahih Bukari -the most respected, authentic of hadiths in Islam- it’s the abrogated koran itself, which renders any of the peaceful verses moot in face of the later violent verses.


I have yet to understand the motivation of this imam, to still believe in Islam after knowing full well that the central core texts of Islam are inherently destructive. It’s like a Christian priest or minister devoting his/her time to fully deconstruct the New Testament (no virgin birth, Jesus was never crucified, never said ”I am the truth and the light”) and still claim a Christian belief.


Anyways, if he causes dissent in Islam, Muslims to doubt their ideology, more power to him. It wouldn’t surprise me however, to find out later on that he left Islam ages ago. Personally, he should just come clean now and drop the pretense.


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