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Murders by Belgian convert to Islam treated as terror, ISIS claims responsibility……


Whether the Islamonazi group did or didn’t claim a role, it’s still Islamo-inspired terror…


Killings by Belgian inmate treated as terror; ISIS claims role


Killer Benjamin Herman (Photo: AP)

Islamic State claims Benjamin Herman, a convict who murdered four people in the city of Liege while on furlough, was a ‘soldier of the caliphate’; officials say death toll from attack would’ve been higher if it hadn’t been for a bar owner and a cleaning lady’s courageous efforts to save others

BRUSSELS – A Belgian prison inmate who killed four people while on furlough committed “terrorist murder” and likely intended to cause more harm, prosecutors said Wednesday as authorities searched for possible accomplices and the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the bloodshed.


The convict, who stabbed two police officers in the city of Liege and used their handguns to kill them and a bystander, was a “soldier of the caliphate,” ISIS said in a brief statement on the site of its Aamaq news agency. 

Such wording is typical of the claims ISIS makes even when slaying suspects have not been linked directly to the terror group. Belgian authorities have not said if they have evidence the inmate had vowed allegiance to ISIS or was acting on its orders.


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