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Wake Up Finland panel event this Saturday, discussing Islam, Islamization and need to confront it…….


Patriots doing what patriots do…


The need to educate the populace about the threat of Islam is crucial if we’re ever going to make any kind of headway against it.



Would you like to know what Islam is about?


Would you like to know what happens inside the Islamic community, in Finland and elsewhere in the world?


Why does Finland and Europe repeat the same mistakes as the originating countries of the “asylum seekers”.


Why doesn’t anyone listen to the warnings?


Freedom of religion is a problem in Islam and now it’s a problem for Finland and the rest of Europe. This and many other hushed topics are going to be discussed by immigrants from the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region, part of whom are Muslims, part of whom are ex-muslims. Also others who have lived in those cultures as kaffirs (infidels), as subjugated second class citizens. They were not heard by the instances who had the possibility to act to rectify matters. Now they are willing to risk their lives to be heard.


The Nationalist Alliance (Kansallismielisten Liittouma) is organizing a “Wake up Finland” event on 26th of May, in which these people of immigrant backgrounds take to the stage and speak their peace about the threat of Islam to Finland and the rest of Europe. They will also make it clear that the threat is real, and it’s not so called Islamophobia.


Tickets (price 18 euros) will be sold to selected people and these will be notified of the location of the event. Doors will open at 17:00 and the event begins at 18:00. The event duration is 2-3 hours.


We will pay special attentions to the speaker and audience safety and their privacy. For this reason all arrivals will have to present a valid ID and be subject to possible a security search. All forms of photography and recording are forbidden and media is not invite.


Information on enlistment is available via email at:

When sending the email, mention your whole name and city/town of your residence.

If you are not a so called “known person”, you will need a reference. Be sure to mention your reference(s) when applying to participate.


Time to Wake up Finland!

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